The MMOGIS Project
Objective of the project is to provide the user with an understanding of history that is incomparable to reading pages of dates and disconnected chapters. We aim to do this by introducing two dimensions that, in a typical school book, are difficult to get a sense of: time and space.

Once we shift the focus from the page to the map, we find out that things 60 pages and 3 books apart are actually happening at once, and how far they are, and how all the strands are ultimately woven together. We understand the background to a painter or a composer's magnum opus; we scoff at the maneuvres of one general while appreciating those of another; all while somewhere else something has just been invented, or a land discovered (so to speak). And we get a really good look at what kind of double crossing weasel Hitler was.

A number of subjects, deemed particularly suitable for the platform, are currently under consideration for testing:
- History
- Arts
- Science
- Crime
- News/Journalism

The project is ideally a crowdsourced effort, somewhere between StackExchange, Wikipedia and Reddit.
Project Status
Performing massive refactoring during translation to MMOGIS2. And due to Google Maps billing.
Sounds Awesome, Can I Help ?
Not yet. But keep in touch. Thanks for asking!
The MMOGIS Platform
MMOGIS is a framework for developing complex web accessible GIS OPAs.
MMO stands of course for Massively Multiplayer Online: besides the most immediate implication, that of the resulting apps being accessed and partecipated to by as many users as one sees fit, the philosophy driving the UI and in general the presentation of content vastly borrows from the world of video games, in particular RTS and MMORPGs.

The information laden UI and the absence of real limitations make it a compelling platform for research, marketing, tourism, and anything that may be improved by geographical analysis. It has proven itself extremely useful in the field of speleoarcheology, allowing the correlation of structures and tunnels previously believed to be unrelated.

- GPS tracking, multisession
- support for WFS, WMS, KML
- runs on GoogleMaps or OMS with OL3
- onboard comms channel
- relational data rendering


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